I have always loved makeup growing up. I remember playing in my moms makeup and stealing her makeup whenever I could. As I got older and was allowed to wear makeup, I had more and more friends commenting on my makeup and asking me to do their makeup! I decided if I was going to do other people’s makeup, I wanted to excel in my craft. Over the years, I’ve learned from some of the best makeup artists in the business. I’m always inspired to learn and grow.

Over the years of doing makeup I’ve always been fond of mixing lip colors and creating the perfect lip for my clients. When clients asked what I used so they could purchase, I hated saying I used 6 different products from 5 different brands. This is how Madeup Beauty was born. I wanted to create a lipstick line that was inclusive of all shades of women. I wanted a range of lip products where all of the shades suited all women! I believe in diversity and inclusion and always want to represent that in my brand and my work as a makeup artist!